Tuesday 29 April 2014

Shop made control knobs

To be installed: A forty year old Dearmond acoustic pickup system complete with wiring harness. 1 meg volume pot 250k tone pot I did not make a note of capacitor value.
While the pickup was sealed I'm pretty sure it's a piezo. I replaced the jack with an endpin model. Each knob required six different drill press operations, a forstner bit for the recess that covers the nut and washer, a brad point for the shaft and a plug cutter to shape the knob.
A brass insert is glued in place and threaded through the side to fit a small allen screw. This allows a small metal rod to be temporarily mounted, the while assembly is chucked in the drill press for sanding, polishing and finishing. The drill press is used again for the V and T impression which is filled with a putty pencil, polished again and installed.

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