Thursday, 16 May 2013

60's Hofner 12 string missing saddle assembly

The bridge was loose and the metal tail piece/bridge plate was missing the screws.
I cut a piece of aluminum from a turnbuckle.

 Shaped it to fit, drilled the holes for height adjustment and cut the slots for the saddles.

 A piece of Corian was cut into an extruded T shape for making  saddles.

 Saddles were cut and shaped from the corian.

 This is a close approximation of the pictures I found online. I had 3 more to do I could get it perfect.


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  3. Cool. What is Corian a Kind of plastic? Why not bone?

  4. I am currently restoring a 1967 Hofner 499 12 string with a very similar bridge/saddle and I have a few questions you might be able to answer. How might I contact you? Daniel Nero phone:215 3903 828